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Teaching my mother to spin taught me how to snap my fingers. Here’s how it happened:

Mum and I were sitting and practicing our drop spindling. (I love drop spindle. I need to practice more on my wheel, as the wheel is definitely faster, but the drop spindle is infinitely more portable.) I was sharing with Mum any little tricks that I’d learned, as she was struggling (but only a bit) with her wool. We discovered that a) the wool she was working with had felted a bit and needed to be recarded and b) she wasn’t super happy with her spindle. We got her a new, bottom-whorl spindle and pulled out her “good wool” (and by “good” I mean “gloriously gorgeous and marvelous and splendidly spinnable”). She let me spin with the new spindle first, with the good wool. I had a hard time giving it up, it was so beautiful. She watched me for a while, and then started spinning herself. She did splendidly–it’s amazing how much of a difference spiffy wool and a different spindle can make.

In any case, I was showing her the “snap” that I use to get my spindle spinning. Since I didn’t have my spindle in my hand, there was nothing in the way of my fingers, and SNAP! I snapped my fingers! I’ve never been able to snap my fingers before. I flipped my hand “right way up” for snapping my fingers, did the motion again, and SNAP! It happened again! Amazing! I amused myself (and Mum) for some time by snapping my fingers, both up by my shoulder and down as if I were spinning. So, the new phrase for drop spindling is: “Just snap your fingers!”

I have several projects on the needles right now, but I only have pictures of one to post. These are Chris Laning’s Pre-Literate Stockings. I got the kit at An Tir/West War last weekend, where I met the lovely Chris Laning herself and took her knitting class. I absolutely love this pattern, and the stockings knit up so fast! Talk about snapping your fingers!

(Please excuse my photography.)

From Knitting

This is the whole first sock. It took me about four days to do.

From Knitting

I really like the garter stitch heel I did. The heel on this pattern is really, really clever and fits amazingly well.

From Knitting

And…this is about how far I’ve gotten on Stocking Number 2.

These stockings are in worsted-weight yarn (Patons Classic Wool), which helps with the knitting-up-fast part. I’m hoping to do at least one pair in fingering-weight yarn in the future, but I think that I want to do a bunch of them in worsted-weight wool for Egil’s next year.

On the needles right now, I have a lovely brown sweater, a Monmouth cap, these stockings, and my Traveling Rainbow Sock. (I have to have something that’s “Traveling Knitting.”) On my spindles, I have some gorgeous deep purple merino (which I hope to photograph soon) and some black shetland/alpaca blend.

More photos to come!