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This will be a boring, navel-gazing post without any pictures. Just so you know. The next entry, which I will write within the next few days, will be much more exciting and have pretty pictures. It may also possibly have fever-induced ramblings, as I’m not feeling very well today and I’m feeling worse now than I did this morning. You have been warned.

Autumn is coming. (Alex and I have decided that Autumn officially begins the Tuesday after Labor Day, or September 8.) Already, the air is slightly cooler. The new season is heralded by the turning of the leaves and the ripening of the blackberries that threaten to engulf our house. (Okay, so the leaves haven’t quite started turning yet, but the blackberries are getting ripe and are honestly attempting to obliterate us and take our property Back to Nature.) My slightly fuzzy thoughts turn toward domestic matters like how I’m ever going to get this house clean (work on it every day) and, of course, knitting.

Knitting is one of my favorite things to do (in case you hadn’t noticed), and Autumn is the perfect time to knit. There’s still enough natural light late enough in the day to provide Perfect Knitting Light. The weather is cool enough to think about wool. (Admittedly, I knit with wool in the height of summer, but I do realize that my ways are not everybody’s ways.) I’m in the mood for something simple, something friendly, something that will go well with my comfy blue jeans and my hand knit socks. (Besides more hand knit socks, I mean. Socks on the needles go without saying.) I have a nice brown sweater on the needles, my first sweater for me. It’s very basic–just stockinette with a wide border of seed stitch at the bottom and on the cuffs. (We’ll see if I do anything with the collar.) I’m knitting it in the round, and it makes me happy.

I am, however, feeling the strong urge to knit garter stitch. I’m very fond of garter stitch for certain things. Garter stitch makes a wonderfully squishy fabric and is happily mindless. I’m planning to knit Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Garter Stitch Blanket for my sister in law and her family for Christmas. (The link takes you to Jared Flood’s version of this pattern, which I think is too gorgeous for words.) Unfortunately, I can’t start this blanket until SOTS is over and I can go and buy some appropriate yarn. I also need to order some needles from Knit Picks. The needles I can order now; the yarn will have to wait until Autumn has officially begun.

Ah, Autumn. Hurry, hurry, Autumn! I feel my fingers beginning to itch…and it’s not a wool allergy.