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Hey, Readers!

If any of you are in the area of the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby, Oregon and you like Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarns (as in Socks That Rock!), get thee to the Festival NOW and seek out the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Booth! Every yarn except for the Mill Ends is 15% off!!!!!

Check out my haul from yesterday:

From Stash Enhancement

Gorgeous, aren’t they? And my husband encouraged me to buy the sock yarn. We had agreed before going that I would only buy yarn if I had a project in mind for it. I went into the festival a focused woman–I needed some worsted weight (preferably handspun) wool for winter stockings and some Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn for a shawl for myself for Christmas. (I like the idea of knitting things for myself for Christmas, as well.) I bought the worsted weight yarn (in a lovely blue) from one of the vendors outside. Then we walked into the BMFA booth and…I may have lost it a little bit. Multiple signs proclaiming “15% off everything!* *except Mill Ends” have a habit of doing that to me. I was trying to be very selective in the sock yarn, but my dear husband said, “They’re for socks. You have a project.” I love that man.

More fibery adventures later. I have more photography to do first–and also some housework.