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Well, unfortunately, my little laptop doesn’t take XD cards, and I forgot to bring the cable to connect my camera to my computer. More fool me. I thought I could just stick the little card in there, like I could with my old laptop. As it is, you’ll just have to imagine things with me. I’ll do the full thing with photos when I get home and can upload them. As it is, I’ll take photos with my phone tomorrow–at least I can upload those.

It turns out that the Hilton does have free wireless, as long as you use it in the lobby. So, here I am, live from the Hilton! Woo-hoo!

Yesterday was good, and I got to see my charming sister-in-law and have dinner with her.

It’s been a good day. I had a lovely luncheon and met Cookie A., who I get to see lots more of tomorrow. (Expect photos!) I learned about mitered squares and How to Make the Most of Self-Striping Yarns. I saw a neat presentation on modular knitting. I went to the Market Preview in hopes of purchasing the things I decided ahead of time I would purchase, and I (mostly) stuck to what I was planning. I did get some sock blockers, some cute stitch markers, and some Mochi extra, but the Mochi was from Purlescence (who I had told myself I needed to buy something from, as they were so sweet to me), and I’ve wanted sock blockers for some time. These have kitties on them. So do the stitch markers.

I’ll take more stash photos and share those tomorrow.

I’m feeling a bit lonesome tonight, as I don’t get to go visit my sister-in-law like I planned. It turns out I finished later than I was expecting tonight (I forgot about the Market Preview), and by the time I was done, my wee niece was already down for bed. Ah, well. At least I got to see her last night. I’ll go and get some dinner at the restaurant in a few minutes–I’ll probably get it to go, as I’m not up to facing a lot of people, and I think I want to read or watch TV or something while I eat and just be quiet for a while.