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You may have noticed a few changes around here. First of all: New Name! The blog is now Ovis Obscura. I’ve done a little clean-up and tidying, and I still have to adjust some linkage, but things are looking pretty good over here.

Why change? Well, I’m hoping to start my own business, and for that, I needed a unique name. There’s another lovely knitblog/website/knit designer called Woolly Thoughts, and “Wooly Thinking” was just too close. (Check Woolly Thoughts out, by the way. They have some awesome designs and a nifty-looking book.)

I’m finishing up the Big Post (which will be divided into a couple of smaller posts, I expect), and I’ve got lots and lots of photos to show you. Here’s quick preview from Stitches West 2010:

That’s Cookie A.–holding my sock!