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And it’s about time, too!

Warning: This entry will be long and photo-intensive!

The rain and the wind outside provide a perfect reason to stay in here, where it’s warm and dry, and write up what I’ve been doing lately.

First, there was the Awesome Yarn Crawl in celebration of Hinkie’s birthday! I took the train all on my lonesome up to Washington, where I took a taxi to Countess_E’s place. Having stayed the night there (and been fed some fabulous home cooking and had a fun conversation with Countess_E and her husband), I got a ride with her up to Canada where, thanks to our passports, we entered the Northern Country and headed to Hinkie’s house.

We met Hinkie’s husband, who is very nice, and her standard poodle, who is still a bit of a puppy (but a very well-behaved puppy). Hinkie gave us door prizes. (She has a slightly hobbity approach to birthdays–she requested that we not bring her any presents, but she gave us all nice prezzies instead.) We brought her yarn. (This was not a birthday present. This was a “thank you for hosting us” present. It’s different.) We met up with Ornerie and Secretsquire, both of whom arrived later, and we all had pizza. It was delicious, delicious pizza. (This was, of course, before I started taking pictures of my food. More on that later.)

We had a wonderful time and then, the next morning, we headed out on our Yarn Crawl!

We hit 88 Stitches first. It was awesome. We were there when they opened, peering in the front window and waiting patiently. (Really! We were patient!) While we were waiting for the door to be unlocked, I took a picture:


Yes, their tree has a sweater and a scarf. Hey, it was cold!

There was yarn. Lots of yarn. (I didn’t take this picture; Hinkie took it. That’s why I’m in it. I’m the short one in the rainbow-colored shawl, dark hair, bending over to examine yet more yarn.)

I bought yarn. Did I ever buy yarn. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of it. I also forgot to take pictures of most of the other yarn stores we visited. (Hey, don’t blame me. I was busy buying yarn, cuddling yarn, talking about yarn–you get the idea.)

We also ate lunch. (This is where the photos of food came in.)
This is where we ate:

It’s called Burgoo Bistro, and I would go there again in a heartbeat. It’s this nifty little international publike place. Here’s what I ate:


French Onion Soup. Mmmmm! Also:


Hummus plate and Strongbow hard cider with lime. (I’ve never had it with lime before. It was fabulous.)

We had a discussion about how Japanese tourists often take pictures of food. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but this food was definitely worth taking pictures of.

We went to several more yarn stores, and I can’t find the business cards for a single one at the moment. Rawr. But this is the one that’s very, very special:

Note all of the “SALE!” signs. Note all of the happy people shopping. This yarn shop was having their huge, huge sale!

This is the one yarn shop where I didn’t buy yarn. Creepy.

The next day involved Dim Sum! Nom!

I love the next two pictures, also taken by Hinkie:
They’re all, “No way!”

From Canada Yarn Crawl

And we’re all, “Way!”

(I have no idea what we were talking about there. But our expressions are pretty evocative, aren’t they?)

After Dim Sum (which was delicious), we pretty much packed up and went home. Hinkie had a lovely birthday, and I had an extra tote full of yarn to take home on the train. All in all, it was a marvelous trip.