I’ve been pretty productive lately.

This sweater is nearing completion.

(The weather is really nasty out today, so you get not-very-good photos of knitting on the kitchen floor. Sorry about that.)

I really adore the combination of this yarn, these needles, and this pattern. The yarn is soft and makes a beautiful fabric, the needles are slippery and pointy, and the pattern is comfortable and doesn’t require much thought.

I finished this sock this morning.

I am also really happy with this pattern and this yarn. The needles are okay, too. (The pattern is my own–I hope to actually write it up in multiple sizes and maybe release it through Ravelry.) The current sock does not fit its intended recipient (sadness), but I have enough of the yarn to finish this pair and make another pair for the intended recipient.

It’s a good thing I’ve been so productive, because this box arrived in the mail yesterday.

It’s from the Sanguine Gryphon. Remember how I said I fell down last week? I fell down twice. In as many days. Yes. They were lovely and combined my two orders into this box. I have enough yarn here for at least a couple of sweaters, many socks, and at least one shawl.

The difficulty, of course, is what to cast on first.

Perhaps Hiro will help me choose.

Or perhaps not.