I have this sweater that I love. (See earlier entry regarding the Cobblestone Pullover.) I love the pattern, I love the yarn, I love the thought of wearing it. I love love love it and I’m really looking forward to finishing it. The sleeves are knitted up; all I have to do is join the sleeves to the body, knit the yoke (including some short rows, but I’m good with short rows), and do the armpit seams. Then, it’s just blocking, and it’s done. Done done done and ready to wear to Stitches next month.

But. But but but…

I have this pattern called “Must Have Cardigan.” It’s knitted flat and seamed. I have these straight Signature needles that I’m dying to use. I have this yarn—Malabrigo Rios in Teal Feather—that I know will be perfect for this cardigan. It’s in my stash. I have enough. I have Ravelry, which has awesome notes about how to make the cardigan even more attractive. (If you’re on Ravelry, check out that link. The cardigans are gorgeous.) For heaven’s sake, the Yarn Harlot made this cardigan ages ago (see here and here), and she says it’s beautiful. (It is.)

There’s nothing wrong with casting on this lovely cardigan, but I really should finish the Cobblestone Pullover first. I should finish lots of projects first, like the socks that are only about 14 rounds away from cast off.

Maybe if I finish the socks (they’re really almost done), and then if I at least attach the sleeves on the Cobblestone to the body so they’re ready to start the yoke, then maybe I can allow myself to cast on the cardigan. (I’m really good at playing these justification games with myself, too. It’s my superpower. If you need something justified, you just call on me. I can justify anything.)

And then there’s that gansey that I really wanted to knit…surely it wouldn’t hurt to just look at my gansey book? And I wanted to do that fair-isle yoke sweater I’ve heard so much about. I know I have yarn for that, too. I have lots and lots of yarn.

P.S. The socks are done.

The Cobblestone has the sleeves joined to the body, and I’m chugging away at the yoke. The Must Have Cardigan?

This was started before I finished the socks or joined up the sweater. I am so weak.