I’ve finished the Cobblestone Pullover.

I’m still in love with it. I have this urge to make another one–same yarn, different color. I’m going to resist, however, because I’ve got other sweaters on the needles and other sweaters that are still in skein form. Plus, more yarn came in the mail. (Did I mention I’m weak?) I’ll photograph it tomorrow (when I plan to wear it for the first time) and show you. I’m incredibly proud of that simple sweater. There’s something really thrilling about knitting a garment that fits me. (I’ve done it three times now. Shawls don’t count, because they generally fit everybody, and socks…well, socks are just different.)

Speaking of socks, I’m working on these:

They are socks. These are going to a very deserving lady as a late Christmas present and, while I am 99.9% sure that she doesn’t read this blog, I’m not taking any chances. (I’ll post better pictures after she’s received them.) They’re practically flying along. I love the yarn. It’s Bugga! again, in “Earth Boring Dung Beetle.” It’s a good thing that the Worthy Recipient has feet that are larger than mine, or I’d be tempted to keep these. I’m keeping a note of the color name so that I can look for it at Stitches. The photo is pretty true to the colors.

These socks are my last project with a major deadline. Fortunately, I need (yes, need) to cast on another project for a swap that my friends and I are doing. It has to be in the mail by February 25, and I have to purchase yarn for it. (Shock.) No, I really do have to purchase yarn, because there is nothing in my stash that is appropriate. Those of you who have seen my stash may doubt this, but it is true. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you why all of the yarn in my stash is inappropriate, as my swap partner may be reading this blog, and it would totally spoil the surprise if I told you. So, I’ll tell you after the swap is over. If I remember.

Time to go and work on those socks some more.