This weekend has been very pleasant, but slightly surreal.

Alex and I are in Olympia, Washington, which is a lovely place. I really enjoy coming here. Alex mainly came up here to work on Jeeps (technical term: “wrenching”), and I came along for the ride. On Friday, we went for a charming ride in the country (rode in the Jeeps through mud and puddles, which is way fun), and we saw this highly ironic sign.

Yes. It’s a sign that says “Wood Cutting Prohibited.” On a stump. In a clear cut. Ironic. There are, however, trees in the background. I like those trees. The stumps confuse me somewhat.

Yesterday, I was on my own. Alex and his friend, Jason, went to work on Jeeps at the shop. I got Alex to drop me off in downtown Olympia, where this is what I did for much of the morning:

That’s my iPod (full of audiobooks and some non-distracting music), my workbook (containing ideas for the novel I’m writing, as well as some notes from our Japan trip), and a stunt sock. I worked on the socks for the Very Deserving Recipient, and I can’t show you those. The sock in the photo is a very basic toe-up sock for me, knit in Mountain Colors Bearfoot in “Sun River” on size 0 needles. I’m really enjoying the sock. The bright, happy colors are refreshing on rainy, grey days like we’ve had lately. You may also notice the cup, which until shortly before I took this picture contained an excellent peppermint mocha. This is, pretty much, my ideal workspace. For actual writing, I think I prefer the computer. My right hand gets less tired.

I also had Lunch Sad yesterday. I had my heart and stomach absolutely set on Italian food. I had done research on an Italian restaurant (one of my very favorites, as it so happens) to see if it was open for lunch on Saturday. The Magical Intarwebs said that this was so. I was gleeful. I walked happily to the restaurant, and…it was closed for lunch. New hours. Blast them.

“Well, drat,” I thought, attempting to look on the bright side. “I suppose the Governor’s Hotel has a good restaurant. I’ll go there.”

Having done more research, I walked over there, and…denied. Their restaurant wasn’t just closed for lunch; it was closed permanently. I was annoyed.

I went to The Urban Onion. The food was excellent, the service was great, and the mimosa was remarkably inexpensive. (They were serving brunch, and I figured I deserved something nice after that ordeal.)

After that, I went to Canvasworks, which was just down the street. I looked at sock yarn, looked at other kinds of yarn, looked at books, and walked out without buying a single thing.

I know. Mind-boggling.