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I need to stop writing “More tomorrow,” especially in this blog. No sooner do I publish those two words than a spate of ultra-busyness descends upon my life, and such lightly-given promises are left unfulfilled. It’s disappointing and embarrassing. I shall valiantly try to stop that.

So, no photos today. My camera is in my backpack (and needs to be transferred to my purse for Tomorrow’s Festivities), and the only free internet (which I need for the uploading of photos) is in the hotel lobby. I am currently posting this from my iPad, and I left my spiffy iPad-photo-transferrence-thingy at home. Careless of me, I know.

“But wait,” I hear you cry, “back up a bit. Hotel lobby?”

I am at Stitches West! Well, in my hotel room. The Festivities don’t start until tomorrow morning. I shall be learning, and shopping, and viewing (I hope to report here on the Fashion Show Friday night), and having a lovely time.

Right, now, however, it is difficult to post from an iPad, so I’ll sign off for now. More…later. When I get around to it. No promises.

P.S. Dropped off the knitted presents with loveable in-laws and niece today. My sister-in-law (previously referred to as The Worthy Recipient) loved her socks. The jury is still out as far as my two-year-old niece is concerned, but one of the cats kept trying to steal her socks, so I’m counting them as a success.