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There’s been a lot of finishing going on ’round here. One thing left unfinished, however, is my report on Sock Summit 2011. Here are some highlights:

The GothSocks booth on Friday afternoon:

As you can see, there is no yarn. None. Zero, zip, zilch.

This is the kilted gentleman I mentioned earlier, also associated with GothSocks:

I think this photo is very…Portland. The pink Voodoo Doughnuts box makes the outfit, don’t you think? (I think he was headed back to the GothSocks booth when he paused to allow me to take his picture. They probably needed the sugar!)

I visited the Sock Museum. This was one of my favorite items:

It’s Official Military Yarn from World War II. I’ve been listening to No Idle Hands on audiobook, and this kind of physical history is really cool for me.

Another fangirl moment:

Yes. That’s The Yarn Harlot herself, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, taking a moment after giving her hilarious (and informative) talk to have her picture taken with me. I probably gushed a bit, but she was very gracious about it. She even held my sock.

And then, there was SockGate.

(I have no idea who those people are. They were knitters in tiaras, and that was good enough for me. If you recognize yourself in this photo, please let me know. You are nifty.)

From left to right: Miriam, my Mum, and me. Shawl: Damson by Ysolda Teague, with Miriam’s lace mods. (I love this shawl pattern. More on this later.) As usual, I’m making a weird face. That happens when people point a camera at me.

My understanding (from conversations picked up later) was that SockGate was this big surprise for Stephanie, who is a huge Stargate fan. I hope she was surprised.

And speaking of cameras…this is Melissa. She takes Sock Portraits.

Seriously. It’s awesome. She walked up to me on Sunday (the only day during Sock Summit that I actually wore socks) and asked, “Have I asked to photograph your socks?” My resulting gape let her know that she had not, in fact, approached me yet. She showed me her card and her portfolio, and then she photographed my socks (with my permission). I was flattered, to be honest. They were very plain socks.

That night, we went to Urban Fondue. It was incredible.

All in all, a wonderful event. As soon as I know the precise dates for Sock Summit 2013, I will absolutely put it on my calendar.