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I may be a little woozy, as I’m headed into the last few days of a combined NoNewKnitMo and a strict Yarn Diet (no new yarn for probably two months now!). Thus far, I’ve managed to not cast on anything, and I’ve not bought any yarn (other than subscribing to the Sanguine Gryphon Nudibranch Club, which doesn’t count). I’ve finished five projects this month, which is great, but I still can’t wait until midnight on Halloween.

Moving on!

As I mentioned in my last entry, this summer (and autumn) has been all about lace–specifically, lace shawls. I love lace shawls. They’re so useful. They add an extra layer when it’s just a little chilly, dress up a plain winter outfit, work as fancy scarves under a warm wool coat, and generally just prettify the heck out of life. I love making them, blocking them, wearing them. I’ll freely admit that I also love the compliments I get every time I wear one of my shawls. Lace feels like a tricky, clever thing to knit, and I get a big sense of accomplishment every time I finish a piece.

So, this is what I did last summer/autumn.
First, the Damsons:
Beaded Damson (Ravelry Link)

I have never done a straight Damson (Rav Link)–Miriam came up with this lovely beaded lace insert, and I’ve been using that on all three of the Damsons I’ve made.

I absolutely love what it does to the shape of the shawl.

Berry Damson (Rav Link)
Yes lace, no beads on this one

Both the Beaded Damson and the Berry Damson were knitted in Malabrigo Sock, which I’ve pretty much decided that I love for shawls but dislike for socks. (I have a preference for thick, squishy socks, and the Malabrigo Sock is a light fingering weight.)

Damson Van Helsing (Rav Link)

This Damson is in Sanguine Gryphon Eidos, which I love. It’s tough, tightly twisted, and squooshy. The color is “Social Conscience.”

Next time: More Shawls! NoNewKnitMo! The End of the Yarn Diet!