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No, that’s not a shriek of horror; it’s a sigh of relief.

I MADE IT THROUGH NONEWKNITMO! I didn’t cast on anything new, and I didn’t order/buy any yarn. Triumph!

This morning, I celebrated by purchasing much yarn from The Sanguine Gryphon and casting on two new things. Here’s one:

This is a linen-stitch scarf for my husband in Sanguine Gryphon Bugga, colorway “Strawberry Crab.” I absolutely adore this color. (Remember Damson Van Helsing? Same color, different yarn base. And I’ve got another shawl in that color that I finished in October in their fabulous laceweight.) The scarf feels like velvet.

And now, more shawls.

The Purple Clothildes: (Yes, I’ve done Clothilde three times now, and all three of them have been purple.)
First up, Lavender Lace for my mother, made from yarn recycled from a thrift store sweater:

This was a lovely shawl to knit, not too difficult for a beginning lace knitter, and the yarn was snuggly soft.

Next, Plum Jam Clothilde for me!

The yarn for that one is Madeline Tosh Sock in “Flashdance.” (I need to get my hands on more Madeline Tosh Sock.)

Finally, Clothilde for Ophelia’s Place. This was one of the shawls I made for auctions in October.

Of course, I stupidly forgot to take pictures of that one while it was blocking, so the photo there is actually from the auction. The bidding war that occurred made me very, very happy.

I have more shawls. Are you tired of shawls? I have other fun things…like this: