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I have this problem.  I keep coming up with these really neat ideas for posts, with spiffy titles and everything.  (For instance, my next entry will be about projects that have been on my needles for at least eleven months.) “Ha ha!” I think to myself.  “These posts will be so clever, so witty, that all my readers will split their sides with jollification!  They will be so amused!  I must write them up and post them!”  And then…I don’t.  Why not?  Most of it has to do with my habit of not taking photographs during the daytime and forgetting my camera somewhere and the fact that I hate putting up blog posts without photographs. Also, I have this idea that if I post too often, people will get tired of me and my blabbering on about knitting. This is, of course, silly. I don’t get tired of my favorite bloggers, and I wish they would post far more often than they do. Besides that, this is my blog, and if people don’t like it, they don’t have to read it. (But you like it, right? Right?)


This post is about chickens. Tiny, knitted chickens, posed on a nicely wound cake of yarn that is slowly turning into a linen-stitch scarf for my husband. (That’s progressing nicely, by the way. It’s very elegant-looking. I am never doing another linen stitch scarf.)

Exhibit A, Chicken the First:

Note his adorably lopsided wings and quizzical expression. He’s done in Knit Picks Palette on size 1 needles.

Exhibit B, Chicken the Cool:

Friends say his oversized eyes look like sunglasses. He’s knitted in Crystal Palace Mochi Plus on size 3 needles.

And, finally, Exhibit C, Sparklechicken, or the Bluebird of Happiness:

He’s knitted in Dream in Color Starry with Palette accents. I’m loving the tinsel.

All of these chickens use the “Tiny Chickens” pattern from Teeny Tiny Mochimochi, which is full of wee and squeeful projects, including an itty bitty brain-melting dinosaur. There is also a bunny rabbit, which, if you read Franklin Habit’s Blog, you already know about.

Speaking of wee, squeeful, and brain-melting, this is Freya’s new favorite napping spot:

That’s my pile of shawls (plus a hat). Freya loves them. Adores them. Makes it very difficult to go out in the morning.

“Freya, sweetheart, Mummy needs a shawl so she can avoid freezing to death.”

“…I see. Maybe I can find a scarf in the closet.”

(I did pull that blue alpaca shawl out from under her, for the record. She was a little upset, but it was nothing a little chin-scritching couldn’t fix.)

And now, I must gather my chickens and continue the scarf.

Yeah. We’ll see how that goes.