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There’s a theory about naming your children after virtues:  Don’t.  Name a child Patience, and you’ll have someone who can’t sit still for five seconds on end.  Name a child Tolerance, and you’ll wind up with someone who can’t stand anybody. Name a child Chastity, and well. That’s the theory, anyway.

I think this theory is one of the reasons why no one ever names his or her child Organization. (Another reason being the nicknames. There aren’t any. No good ones, anyway.) Very few people (at least, very few people of my acquaintance) are well and truly organized, and most parents don’t want to tempt fate. That said, I’ve never heard of anyone named Slobbiness or Can’t-Be-Bothered-To-Pick-Up-Clutter, either.

My parents, wise as they are, refrained from naming me Organization, but that didn’t help me. Despite their best efforts, I am a horribly disorganized person. My middle name is also emphatically not Self-Discipline. I am easily distracted by shiny objects, and the only way I’m able to find things once I’ve put them down is to leave them out in plain sight. If I put things away tidily, I forget where they are and wander around in a frustrated rage trying to remember where I’ve put them. This mainly applies to projects. Some things can go safely in a drawer (like socks) and be found again; other things (like that sweater-in-progress that I’m still looking for) cannot. I have a hard time finishing things in a timely fashion. This also applies to projects.

I am not proud of this. I wish that I were more self-disciplined, able to truly finish things (like writing up patterns once I’ve finished test-knitting them, or making better progress on that novel I’m writing). I also realize that there is a solution to my problem: Practice. I must practice finishing things, and that means working on them regularly. It means actually looking at the novel, pulling it up on the computer, finishing a chapter or two. It means actually working a few rows on that blanket (which I did this morning) before allowing myself to be distracted by the Very Squishy Socks. It means taking out those pattern notes that are quite comprehensible to me but would be absolute balderdash to the uninitiated (i.e. people who do not live in the confines of my head) and typing them up in a clear and concise format with proper English and spelling and grammar and everything.

It’s not like organization and self-discipline are bad things. They would make my life so much easier, if I would just buckle down.

Beginning is easier than finishing. Knitting is easier than organizing. (For me, anyway.) That doesn’t mean that there isn’t room in my life for both.

For now, however, it’s nearly one in the morning, and I need to go do something else I’m good at. Organization and Self-Discipline can wait on my very good friend, Sleep.