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I finished my last knitting project of 2011 with about 2 hours to spare.

These are the Nine to Five Socks (Ravelry Link), a pattern that I have made twice for others but never for myself. I should fix that oversight sometime soon. Check out my Ravelry Page for these socks for more details and photos.

Some of my readers may be saying (to themselves, because my readers are polite people), “You know…those socks don’t appear to fit very well.” This is because, while those are my feet, those are not my socks. They’re another been-on-the-needles-for-over-a-year project, promised to my friend Amy ages ago. While my feet are wee and bitsy, her feet are more normal-sized. I hope they will keep her warm. It felt nice to get them done in the stub of the year, another promise kept (if rather late).

On to the New Year!

It is traditional at this time to make Resolutions. I don’t like Resolutions. Somehow, they always feel as though I’m setting myself up for failure, as though, when I fall down occasionally and do things like gain a pound (of flesh or sock yarn), my resolve itself has failed. Because I don’t care to set myself up for a Sneaky Hate Spiral started by waking up one morning in a pile of cookies and yarn (wait, that might not be so bad), I’ve decided that, this year, I’m going to have Goals. It may seem like simple semantics to you, Dear Reader, but it makes a huge difference to me. Goals, if not achieved, are still okay. They carry over. They’re more forgiving. If I miss a Goal, it’s more of a shrug-and-move-on sort of thing, rather than an EPIC-FAIL-my-resolve-is-weak sort of thing. ‘Kay?

So. Knitting Goals for 2012:
1) Finish a knitting project every month. It can be a project that’s been hanging out on the needles for a long time, or it can be one I started that month. The point is to finish something.
2) Avoid buying yarn over the internet. Yarn may still be purchased, but only if I can hand a real person my credit card (or cash–cash is fine) and receive the yarn immediately.
3) Knit down some of this wonderful Sanguine Gryphon yarn in order to make room for some of that wonderful Verdant Gryphon yarn and Cephalopod Yarns yarn. (Yes, Sanguine Gryphon split into two companies. The Yarn is Gone! Long Live the Yarn!)
4) Steek something. I’m trying to learn a new technique this year. Steeking is the scariest one for me, because, once you cut the knitting, there is no going back. Aieee.

Happy New Year, everyone. May your year be full of Knitting Adventures (the fun kind). May your yarn be snarl-free, and may your needles never break.

I’m just going to go and work on this sock now.