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First of all, The Sock Report is up! If you love sock yarn as much as I do, go check it out. It’s waaaaay more than socks. There are socks, shawls, fingerless gloves, and even a sweater! Reading the magazine is free (I wrote two of the book reviews!), and the patterns are a really good deal if you buy the collection. (A dollar a pattern? Heck yes!)

What’s nice about being involved with this project is that it’s opened doors for me. I’m hoping to submit a design to the next issue. I’m starting to learn more about The Knitting Design Industry. I’m doing more sample and test knitting. I’m doing some tech editing. I’m getting paid for most of it, and that’s really exciting.

What this all adds up to is something along the lines of, “Hey, maybe I can swing this dream career of being a knitter/writer/designer. This is possible. Not only that, this is likely.”

The idea of being able to do my Dream Job is absolutely incredible. I’ve always wanted to do something creative as my daily work. This job is going to allow me to work mainly on my own schedule, which will also allow me to create my own designs and maybe finish that novel. The key is going to be self-discipline. Deadlines help, and I’ve been good about meeting those so far.

The Dream Job is also going to mean more blogging. I need to keep the lines of communication open, as well as Write Every Day. (Writing is a skill. Skills are honed with practice.)

For now, I’m going to see about some housework, do some organization, and try to take some photos if the natural light is good today. I hope your life is as hopeful as mine right now, and that your knitting is nearby.