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This is the kind of situation that makes me go “Rawrgharglebargle” inside my head.

I have this shawl. This shawl has been on my needles for just barely over a year. It’s another Haruni, cast on, according to my records, on the same day as the Haruni in my previous post.

This is, of course, silly, so I decided that I would sit down and finish it. After all, this Haruni was most of the way finished–it just needed the last few rows of Chart A (the body) and all of Chart B (the edging), and it was done like dinner.

I picked it up, checked my place in the chart (thank goodness I kept good notes), and got going again. Things were going smoothly, when I got to the end of Chart A and realized that I was going to run out of beads.

Here is what I have done so far:

Here is how many beads I have left:

(Don’t you just love that little tin? Check out Miss Purl to get your own. I purchased…ah…a few.)

Normally, this would not be a problem. I would simply go to one of my online bead suppliers, order more beads, and wait a few days to finish. Sadly, this is not an option at this time. My bead suppliers appear to be out of stock of the color and type of bead I need, and this particular bead is backordered. This leaves me with three options:

1) Knit the edging without beads. This would look like a design element, but would mean that the shawl would be slightly less sparkly.

2) Take the shawl to my local bead shop and choose some different beads for the edging. Again, this would look like a design element, especially if I got slightly larger beads with a similar finish.

3) Wait for my bead supplier to get the beads back in. Advantage: The beads would all be Consistent, which would be Good. Disadvantage: I don’t want to wait any longer to Get This Shawl Done.

What do you, the Viewers At Home, think? Let me know in the comments.