Yes. Much knitting has taken place, and few photos have been taken. This is my downfall, as I have stated previously. I hate, hate, HATE blogging without at least throwing some pretty knitting photos up here for you to look at.

I have an update on the shawl I asked you all about last time…months ago. I’ve decided to blend some silver-lined beads in with the green ones, and that appears to be working. However, working on this shawl is like pulling teeth at the moment. I feel like I really, really should finish it, but I just haven’t been feeling the joy with that shawl lately. I may wind up putting it away until October (NoNewKnitMo), or I may have a Finishing Fit and just get it done. We’ll see.

I have lots to tell you and show you, but I must unbury lots of things in order to do that. At least we’re getting more natural light these days.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely wooly winter, and that you’re looking forward to spring!