It’s not here yet, but it’s definitely coming.


Look at those lovely crocuses (croci?), heralds of brighter days to come. They’re sprouting in my yard, which is a hopeful sign in itself. (It means that the deer and ground squirrels have not managed to completely destroy the few bulbs we have left.)

Of course, since I live in Oregon, we’re not out of the woods yet. It can still get darned cold here, which is why I’m still pushing the woolies and continuing to prepare for continuing low temperatures. For instance, here is the first of a pair of worsted-weight stockings I’m making to wear to SCA (medieval recreation) events:

Full disclosure: I finished that one this morning and have started the second one. The thing I love about worsted weight yarn is that socks and stockings finish up so FAST! The first one took me a total of five days, and that’s not working on those exclusively.

I’m also working on another Moderne Log Cabin Blanket. Here’s the color palette.

Sorry about the lighting; this was at the LYS and the walls got in the way of the sunshine. I am totally and utterly in love with this blanket. That’s Malabrigo Rios in Lettuce, Candombe, Pearl Ten, and Solis. Malabrigo Rios and garter stitch are truly a match made in heaven. (That said, I only have a teeny tiny bit left to go on a Malabrigo Rios sweater, and the yarn is delightful for that, too.)

I’m also planning ahead! When this blanket is finished, I’ve already got the yarn picked out for the next one!

Malabrigo Rios again, but in Jupiter, Ivy, Sunset, and Purpuras. Miriam calls the combination “spicy.” (No, I haven’t bought the yarn yet! Don’t be silly! Of course I’m going to finish the first blanket before I buy yarn for the second!)

I’m looking forward to the longer days and more sunshine, but I’m not kidding myself. (HA!) What are you doing to prepare for spring?