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And now, from the “I Can’t Believe I Haven’t Already Blogged About This!” category:

Guess what these are?

Correct. Those are Hexis, knitted for my Beekeepers Quilt (Ravelry Link). I’ve drunk the Kool-aid, gone off the deep end, whatever you want to call it. But it’s fun.

I’m not stuffing my Hexis, so they’ll be “Hexiflats” as opposed to “Hexipuffs.” I’m working two sets now: one in Bugga! and one in Skinny Bugga!. I have a lot of both, and I’ve already used both for many, many projects. I have a good deal of leftovers to play with.

The secondary advantage of this project is that each Hexi is a kind of swatch–not a gauge swatch, but a color swatch. I plan to keep and label one of each color for future reference, as well.

This is a long term project. The Hexis are like cookies–I keep wanting to make just one more. I’ve also been using them as a reward–finish that chore, get a cookie! Yes, it’ll take a long time for me to make enough to make a blanket, but stacking them up is very satisfying.

This is really one of those projects that is not about the finished object for me–it’s about the process. While patience is not one of my primary virtues, I feel that the Beekeepers Quilt is an excellent compromise between patience and instant gratification.