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Knitting is often a metaphor for life. (Trust me on this.) There are projects where you just have to keep trucking, because you know the reward for all of your hard work is going to be brilliant. There are projects when you say, “Whoops, this isn’t going to work out–better rip that out and start over.”

And then there are the times when you stubbornly keep on trucking regardless, even though you know it’s just not going to work out, simply because you’ve already put so much work and time into it and you don’t want to waste that work and time.

Eventually, though, you have to look at that (metaphorical or actual) project, admit to yourself that it’s really not going to work out, and start over.

This is the wonderful thing about knitting. With knitting, you can start over. You can rip out that project, and (usually) all you’ve lost is some time. You can reuse all of that yarn for something else! You can try that other pattern in a different yarn! You have options! Nothing is permanent until you say it is!

In celebration of this, I ripped out a project that just wasn’t working out. It had been sitting for ages, holding up a set of my Signature double-points and just generally hanging around being Not Very Good At All. (It doesn’t help that I accidentally buried it in a box of projects and couldn’t find it for months.)

The yarn in question (Berocco Vintage, I think Color 5175–I lost the label), along with the needles I plan to use with it (size 3):

This yarn is going to be some very cozy socks that will be given away as a prize for someone very hard-working. They should take me about five days, I’m guessing.

What have you ripped out lately? Have you moved on?